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15 August 2015


Wise WORDS were spoken to me when I moved to NEW YORK.

“You HAVE to find your [PLACE] to get AWAY”

my new found [PLACE] to get AWAY isBIKING along the EAST RIVER.

My NEIGHBORS [place] is playing 90′s POP and SINGING it to the TOP of HER lungs.

Her SINGING ability…it’s rough, and I HEAR it all.

the BEST is after the TREACHEROUS ride from my APARTMENT at 13th ST your round the corner after the FDR and see the view of all the bridges.  Then the SMELL.  It’s :LIKE the OCEAN mixed with NYC body oder and waste.  It’s surprisingly PLEASANT and part of my [PLACE].

I’ve also been LUCKY enough to be granted access to the IMAGEM PUBLISHING companies LIBRARY.  INSIDE this UNREAL music LIBRARY is an upright STEINWAY, autographed and DEDICATED to Rogers and Hammerstein.

It’s a nice [PLACE] to get AWAY to.

The MASS amount of PEOPLE we’re exposed to EVERYDAY here WARRANTS a moment alone sometimes.




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