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17 December 2015

SIX degrees to — RAY j?

on MONDAY this week, I was asked by LION TV to BE on a dating show CALLED driven to LOVE.

The CONCEPT — Taken from deadline.com

// Ray J — yes, RAY J — will drive a hopeful single around town in an SUV in a search for potential mates. Along the way, Ray J will provide dating advice, present a handful of carefully selected prospects, and supervise dates that take place both inside and outside the vehicle. The rider can choose to drive by a potential mate, stop to pick them up, or kick someone already in their ride straight to the curb. At the end of the day they’ll choose one match to join them for a romantic weekend getaway in the hopes of building a new relationship.  //


TRUTH be told, I turned it DOWN.  –  REASON being, I HAD a contract signed to PLAY piano for a GRADE school in the BRONX on THE same day as the SHOOTING.  And frankly, WORKING for the kids is very important to ME // THE kids RELY on me

It’s claimed I might be ON future EPISODES of DRIVEN to LOVE.  Stay TUNED.

AS silly as it SOUNDS, I’m glad I stuck with THE KIDS.  They’ll ENJOY the CONCERT.

SOMEONE mentioned on FACEBOOK recently that so MANY of these STORIES don’t even SEEM true, or REAL.

SO, let’s take the STEPS that I’ve taken to GET to TURNING down RAY J.

NUMBER 1 — Networking!

My first legit INDUSTRY connection I ever made was Rick Smith.

I WROTE about RICK last year before I left for NYC.  I don’t KNOW if he REALIZES yet how much KNOWING him has HELPED me here.


Long STORY short, I met RICK because I gave HIM a cd at a SHOW.  I NEVER forgot who HE was and I eventually found his CONTACT info on the back of a used CD at DEARBORN MUSIC.  BLISS 66, DEMO days!

later, RICK gave me a COPY of the A & R DIRECTORY // it came out YEARLY then, it WAS the PREVIOUS years COPY//


the INTERNET can’t MESS with the A & R Directory.  // IT HAD EVERYONE IN IT!!!

For fun, I EMAILED JAY Z and P Diddy.  Hey, WHY not?  This was at LEAST 8 YEARS ago, I was SILLY // and they NEVER answered

the BENEFIT of having RICK’s A & R directory was ALL of his CONNECTIONS were highlighted.

When you EMAIL these kind of people, 99.9% of the TIME the person isn’t RESPONDING.

one PERSON did though.  Jason from, then, HOLLYWOOD RECORDS — i.e. Disney.

jason jordan

WE kept an EMAIL rapport for a LONG time, HE dug what OTTO VECTOR did and OFFERED to come see US play if WE ever were in NYC.

I booked a SHOW for OV to perform in NYC.  HE didn’t COME.  He did come THE SECOND time THOUGH.  FURTHER, first TRIP to NYC was the SNOWSTORM of the CENTURY trip.  SEE PREVIOUS blog ABOUT that ONE.

FAST forward 7 years later — WE move to NYC, Jason invited Renee and I to a CMJ PARTY for his NOW company IMAGEM PUBLISHING.  [OWNER of BOOSEY & HAWKES]

AT that party I MET 3 very IMPORTANT connections.  Ben Lindell, Frankie Turner, and Ryan Hobler.

Ben HAS helped me get all of MY studio jobs in the CITY, Frankie is a SIGNED artist — BMG —  and I write CLOSELY with him getting LEGIT pitches, and Ryan is a PHENOMENAL song writer that introduced me to FLAVORLAB.

FLAVORLAB is a music publishing HOUSE that writes a lot of MUSIC for FILM and TV.  GREAT GUYS!

AT the FLAVORLAB XMAS party that RYAN HOBLER got me invited to, I met YOAV.  YOAV is owner and creator of BALLS VODKA.

YOAV wanted RENEE to do VODKA tastings at different LIQUOR stores in the CITY.  IT’s very POPULAR here.

Want free DRINKS in NYC, walk into fancy liquor stores.  WINE, VODKA, WHISKEY, all of them HAVE sponsored TASTINGS.

BECAUSE renee was working for BALLS vodka, she HAD to sign a MODELING contract.  AND when NYE came about her MODELING agency hired GIRLS and GUYS to work PARTIES in the city.  I signed on.


SINCE I’m PART of MWA, Made World Agency, I am on their LIST for any gigs offered.  INCLUDING TV spots.


I was sent an EMAIL about the DRIVEN to LOVE show back in OCTOBER.

I EMAILED inquiring.  IMMEDIATELY this incredibly VIBRANT casting AGENT named DEBBIE GANZ, google her and her twin SISTER LISA, CALLED me talking about HOW I needed to do an INTERVIEW for the NETWORK that EVENING.  Their the sweetest LADIES ever BTW!

we DID a Skype interview, THEY LOVED me!

Months PASSED and I kind of FORGOT about it.

Then they CALLED.  ON my busiest week, just before my YEARLY piano RECITAL, just before I WENT back to DETROIT for the HOLIDAY’s, and JUST before my EDUCATION THROUGH MUSIC concert SERIES I do twice a YEAR.

sorry my dears, couldn’t SKIP on the KIDs in the BRONX.

NUMBER 2 — Keeping your NETWORK

I’m a sucker FOR the kids.  and THEY have a HOLIDAY recital I have BEEN scheduled to PERFORM in.  I couldn’t CANCEL on them 2 days in ADVANCE.  ETM is an IMPORTANT part of my PIANO career in NEW YORK.  They’ve HELPED me to STAY here, I CANNOT and WILL NOT disrespect that VALUABLE part of my NETWORK.

a REPUTATION needs to be adhered.


Rick, Jason, Ryan, YOAV, MWA, and THE GANZ sisters = my SIX degrees of ALMOST meeting RAY J.

I wonder if THEY’LL call me FOR episode 2?









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