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08 January 2016


this MORNING I had two different friends RECOMMEND that I submit MY roommate story to a NEW TV show AUDITIONING roommate dispute ISSUES.

i figured IT would be FUNNY to POST the email I sent TO them.


What’s up roommate Disputes.  I saw this posted on Facebook and I need to reach out.
I live in East Village, I’m 35 recently divorced and I needed a crash pad when my wife and I split.  I met this guy on craigslist, I write a blog about it actually, see the links below.
My roommate is a HOARDER!  Like TLC level SHIT.
He collects records and CD’s, literally, he probably has 1,000+ records in this 800sq foot place.
He’s also a drunk, has friends that smoke crack in my bathroom, he’s I think 45 and is a bike courier for a living.  Recently he broke his foot and couldn’t make rent, he was already 3 months behind when I moved in.
Since he couldn’t pay, he moved to the couch for the month of January and rented his room to some random guy I’ve barely met.  For $900!
The place stinks too.  I don’t think he’s showered since he broke his foot in December.
My living room, I mean…common room…you can’t live out there, my common room is a train wreck.  He has a playboy collection, but it only goes from 2002-2006.  Must have been his glory years or something.
I can’t really use the kitchen either because there are so many boxes of old CD’s, a suitcase, and no shelf space.  He likes to make ramen, boil the water, and pass out drunk on the couch until the water boils out.
If you want to do anything with this, put a rush on it.  I’m supposed to move out Feb 1.  Although I don’t really have the cash to do it, so it would be funny if the shows resolution was to make him clean up his shit and/or move out and let me take over the lease.  LOL:)
Read some of these blog posts for fun roommate from hell stories.  Again, I’m supposed to move out Feb 1, hurry!
Mike Glaser
Notice the POPE record.  My roommate is COOL in some WAYS:

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