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14 August 2015



Let’s get BACK to MUSIC.

-In my YOUNGER years, the MAJORITY of songs I WROTE were in the range of 136-160 Beats Per Minute.  A DEVELOPING writer SPEEDING through my 20′s.

By my MID 20′s I was writing TUNES around 130-140 BPM.

As YEARS past, the TEMPO of my IDEAS progressively began to SLOW down.  around 2014 I had SETTLED at 100 BPM and STUCK with that most of the YEAR.

September 2014, I MOVED, went another DIRECTION, and dug DEEPER into the New York HOUSE music SCENE.  HOUSE BEATS = 122-128

if you WALK the STREETS of NEW YORK CITY you start to feel it also has a BEAT, or PULSE.

A great SPEAKER I hear talk at the UNDER SAINT MARKS open mic [94 St. Marks Place, NYC] took the observation further and STUDIED peoples movement.  On AVERAGED in NYC people walk at ABOUT 128 BPM.


I am CONSTANTLY listening to new TRACKS while walking, tempo pushing somewhere around 126.

HOUSE helps me NAVIGATING the concrete jungle, Kick Drum METRONOME keeping perfect fast walking TEMPO.

My PREFERRED tempo when performing at a CLUB is 125BPM.  Giving PEOPLE a BEAT still as QUICK as NYC, just a little under.  IT’s the bar right?  SLOW it down just a LITTLE.

I also PREFER to WRITE at that TEMPO now.  It’s a PERFECT NYC tempo.  Not as FAST as most PEOPLE, just a hair below.

PULL that TEMPO below 118, audiences will start to notice.  [They also LIKE the BEAT that NEVER ends]

I CHALLENGE writers to FOCUS on writing a song BASED off BEATS PER MINUTE.

Look at other WRITERs and OBSERVE their comfort TEMPO.

The WORLD, THE CITY, and YOU have a PULSE.

What’s your TEMPO?




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