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01 September 2015

– Plenty of Room at the Hotel…Pennsylvania –

September 1st, my lease ended at my East Village Studio.  New move in date for my next place, Sept 2!

What to do with THREE CATS, a truck load of FURNITURE, and PERSONAL BELONGINGS?

The IDEA dawned, rent a UHAUL, store your stuff in it, get a CHEAP HOTEL, and park the moving van SOMEWHERE in the CITY.  PRAY it doesn’t get BROKEN into.

That would have worked GREAT!  Had the rental company actually stayed open 24 hours, 7 days like listed on the WEBSITE.  THANK YOU CHELSEA RENTALS!!!

After moving most of my BELONGINGS to the courtyard, I went to get the truck.  I figured it would be easier to get EVERYTHING down my FOURTH FLOOR WALKUP, then go get the truck to give my STAIR climbing a BREAK.  WRONG.  CLOSED.

THANKFULLY, my apartment has a crummy BASEMENT no one dares STORE anything in.   DESPERATE times call for DESPERATE MEASURES.  I moved it down there.  It STINKS.  Like any building built before 1900.  Time SMELLS.

Where to STAY>…

Before I lived in NEW YORK CITY, I used to frequent THE HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA directly across from MADISON SQUARE GARDENS.

HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA reminds me of Jack Torrance being stuck in THE OVERLOOK HOTEL in THE SHINING.  It’s OLD, smelly, and sometimes TOO quiet.

At any given MOMENT blood could suddenly POUR out of the LOBBY elevator.  Or the twins, maybe I’ll go have a DRINK with a ghost BAR TENDER that has been dead since the 20′s.


HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA is THE CHEAPEST option for lodging in NYC, save for AIR BNB.

If you can get over the GAUDY decor and the constant feeling of DAMPNESS, you’ll be okay.  I’ve heard RUMORS of BEDBUGS too.  WHO’s counting.


This is NYC and a very important fact EVERYONE should realize is that if you are PAYING a LOWER PRICE for something HERE, there is DEFINITELY a REASON for it.

If you find a STUDIO in the EAST VILLAGE for under $1,500, it’s probably a basement unit with no windows and a criminal record.  If you are RENTING the CHEAPEST moving van in town, be prepared to find the pickup location CLOSED by 7PM.

NEVERTHELESS, the MOVING VAN was picked up this morning and everything was packed into it.  TOMORROW, between work, I will be MOVING everything into my next place.  Then, MOVING AGAIN in OCTOBER.

In true NEW YORK CITY fashion, check out for the hotel is 11am.  Pick up for the apartment keys, NOON.  So, in between booking appointments, showing apartments, and teaching lessons, I’ll be driving around NYC in a moving van with 3 CATS.

The struggle is REAL, but worth every second.




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