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11 February 2016

…once in a LIFETIME, water FLOWING under…

“And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife 
And you may ask yourself… 
Well…How did I get here?”

-the TALKING heads 1981 “ONCE in a LIFETIME.”

TODAY, I’m houseSITTING MY good friend Lhristian Cawrence’s APARTMENT on E. HOUSTON st.  (name CHANGED, but SPELLED like this on FACEBOOK for SOmE reason)

this PIC is a nice DESCRIPTION of him, LOL’s:)


13th FLOOR, balcony, PENTHOUSE, NO bill (i.e., my inFAMOUS roommate), ENOUGH space for my |TUBBY bowl of ORANGE pudding| CAT SHAUN to maybe BURN a few CALORIES, and the VIEW.


“figured YOU might want to STRETCH out for a BIT mate…”  Lhristian is incredibly BRITISH, a MARKET STRATEGIST for a BANK, PASSIONATE about MUSIC, MUSIC PRODUCTION, and DJ’s, he LOVES to go out to EAT, and has an impressive COLLECTION of NIKE’s.

it’s NICE to have a break for a MINUTE from my TIGHT quarters on 7th ST.

last SATURDAY, I posted a blog ABOUT my tiny BATHROOM.  TODAY I’m showering WITH a 13th FLOOR view of the CITY/standing BEHIND a LONDON shower CURTAIN.  “incredibly British”


to HAVE friends trusting ENOUGH to offer their homes for a few DAYS giving me a BREAK from my stressful LIVING situation is BEYOND belief.

in RETURN, he’ll have HIMSELF a good ole MIDWEST spit SHINY apartment COMPLETE with OCD style cleaning of the MOLDING, walls, REPLACING light bulbs, FIXING tables, and organizing the MANS massive COLLECTION of hotel SLIPPERS.  white, BASIC slippers from AROUND \\the world, I don’t understand // COMFY |though|


|| I’ll probably clean his FRIDGE, and fix wobbly BED frame too, if I have time ||


-Lhristian has a TINY kitty named COCO, she was SHAUN’s QUEEN MON-THUR -


a FRIEND the other DAY at a meeting said to ME: “you’re either riding ON top of the WAVE in New York, or YOU’RE riding on the BOTTOM.  you can FIT in the MIDDLE, but it FUCKING sucks.  BUT if you’re ON top, it’s the BEST feeling in the WORLD.”

truths, it COMES and it GOES.

some DAYS, I don’t know when the NEXT time I’m going to HAVE a day off // some DAYS, I’m wondering where my next JOB is going to be

YESTERDAY there was work, TODAY there’s work, FRIDAY is a free day…I’m doing WORK, but am not GETTING directly PAID.  tradeoff’s are REAL though, and working for EACh other often WARRANTS jobs that WILL bring bigger business in THE future.

after TEACHING piano the OTHER day in TRIBECA, my STUDENTS mom asks:  “so, do YOU just work like…every day?”


saturday is the QUALITY CONTROL party at KEYBAR, sunday I’m going to GO mix at EMW, monday, back to the GRIND.

if I WORK enough MAYBE my ONCE IN A LIFETIME dream WILL come true.

UNTIL then, THANK YOU Lhristian Clawrence for being AWESOME and giving me a FEW days of SANITY.








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