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19 February 2016


“you CANNOT just exist in this LIFE.  YOU have to JUMP.”

-Steve Harvey


All JOKES aside STEVE HARVEY, your WORDS this morning, FEBRUARY 19, 2016, INSPIRE me to continue to LIVE my dream and use MY gift.

yesterday WAS a DJ marathon, TENDER @ SANCTUARY hotel 6-10, KEYBAR 10-3; no PROBLEM

WAKING up the NEXT day, my NOSE is stuffy from the CONSTANT climate change that is FEB in NYC.


my ROOMMATE bill has BEEN on a bit of a BENDER the past 2 DAYS and is now eating PINK ice-cream hungover on the COUCH.  HE’s relaxed ALOT since I moved IN and is NO threat.  when TOM ACE, my THIRD roommate, moves out I’m going to TURN up the HEAT a little bit and OBTAIN some LIVING space in the COMMON area; spring CLEANING is going to be LEGIT.

when I JUMPED last SEPTEMBER I prepared the BEST I could.  i’ve BEEN bruised and BATTERED to the POINT to where FAMILY and FRIENDS have offered me a ONE way TICKET home.  no OBLIGATION, just get out of THAT city.

I don’t JUMP with a SAFTY net, and I’m definitely NOT a QUITTER.

for THOSE who know ME or READ my blog, YOU know that sometimes MY writing is FUNNY and LIGHT hearted; SOMETIMES it’s SERIOUS print THERAPY.


CATS are funny //  HUMOR :-)

IN my journey THUS far, I have LEARNED one IMPORTANT element.  KEEP on TRUCKIN.

NYC is FILLED with IRONIC situations, scenarios you would NEVER expect TO happen TO you, PAIN deserved by NO one, and LIMITLESS potential for SUCCESS.

as I LOOK out my window, 10:54AM, my EYE gazes at a BUILDING on 6th STREET; south of MY EAST VILLAGE apartment on EAST 7th.

GIANT letters spray PAINTED in black say, “I WILL MISS.”  NEXT to it, someone ELSE spray PAINTED in red – “YOU.”



a satirical SCRIBBLE, a daily REMINDER of my OLD life that I DO MISS but CAN never GO back.

when I see it, I SOMETIMES smile // I SOMETIMES cry // I sometimes FEEL nothing at ALL yet ALWAYS nod in RECOGNITION

to CLOSE I want to SHARE a POEM I wrote to my DEAR ex-WIFE the dAY I finally gave up on TRYING to win HER back.

I wrote it MONDAY OCTOBER 12, just before I moved in with bill; AROUND the time MY own life of INDEPENDENCE began.

fear NOT, more LIGHT HEARTED fun stories WILL be coming SOON.  until THEN:



Like a corpse, you lie on your side.

Inches of hair drape your shoulders like delicate forest branches, light blonde accenting your gloss white finish.

Once I touched you, your skin sparked like wild fire ripping through a dried field.

Now it’s cold, everything shut down, fair hints of movements as I brush your still body.

A light gasp as I touch too close to what once was mine, a shy away as I almost break through the barrier coaxing you into my heart.

Like a corpse, you are as still as you can.

My hands touching you like a foreign language we’ve long forgotten.

Once you loved me, our fruit ripe and sweet.

Now I’ve lost.

I smash against the ground, terrorized by grief stricken madness; a flood of selfishness as I leach on to whatever I can, disbelief that an eternal flame may be extinguished.

Like a corpse, I am without movement.

Like a corpse, I am unrecognizable; a shadow puppet of what I was when you were there.

Once you loved me, our fruit ripe and sweet.

Forever I love you…but for you I’ll retreat.




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