Meet sonicssonic

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sonicssonic is an American Composer, Classical Pianist, Singer/Songerwriter, DJ, and Producer.

Also known as Michael Glaser or Mike Sonic, sonicssonic’s diverse musical background started in his early teens when he was given a free beat up piano from a distant family member.

“Most classical musicians I’ve worked with started music way before I did. I think I started music at a good time in my life. I hit it hard too. I quit football and any other activity outside of music. It became my life.”

Through High School and College, sonic bounced around different bands before finding Otto Vector in 2004. There he met his wife and singer Renée as well as friend and long time music collaborator Ginseng.

Because of Otto Vector, sonicssonic, then DJ Mike Sonic, DJ’d his first show at a small venue south of Detroit.

“In 2008 I bought an M-Audio Xponent of a co-worker so I could learn to DJ. I’d wanted to since High School, but could never afford the expensive equipment to get me started. Digital Djing was a salvation to me and allowed me to practice and learn without the huge startup costs.”

In 2010 sonicssonic, still promoted as Mike Sonic or DJ Mike Sonic, started to remix Otto Vector tracks in his spare time. Meanwhile, he also met friend and collaborator Chuck Alkazian, owner of Pearl Sound Studios Canton Mi.

“I’d tried unsuccessfully to do remixes prior to meeting Chuck, but he let me come in and watch him work on pro-tools and Neve Counsel. He has a strong background rock and gospel, so I was able to get a great grasp of how to put a mix together correctly on a physical mixing board. It’s also magical to have the opportunity to get your hands on a Neve. I apply physical mixing techniques to all my DAW mixes.”

Otto Vector released 4 albums with Alkazian helping them move from an unknown local band, to well respected Detroit music innovators.

With their Detroit success, Otto Vector was able to perform coast to coast and Canada between 2010-2014.

“I cut my teeth in the local/national entertainment scene with Otto. We had something different to say than most bands of the time. It gained us industry exposure as well. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my years with them.”

2014 was a big year for sonicssonic. In April he released “Revision, Rethink, Remix.”

The soundcloud only free download is a collection of tracks featuring Otto Vector remixes and original dance music intended for the dance club instead of rock stages.

Additionally, the album release branded Mike Sonic as sonicssonic. Additionally known as DJ sonicssonic.

“By 2013, I was getting bogged down with the live music scene. We’d finish a show, the DJ would start and the place would explode. It was time I put my DJ skills to work. I’d already done a few high profile parties and clubs.”

sonic has a profound love for the simple yet sexy sounds of house music and has been building his collection since early 2002.

“As anyone that lived through the days of Tapes, CD’s, and Vinyl, we all can agree that getting music now days is a lot easier. I think the value of music is coming back by means of good DJ’s not only playing relevant tracks in their genre, but also dipping into the past to show people the awesome progression of music. “

In September 2014 Otto Vector went on sabbatical and sonic, wife, and 2 cats moved to New York in search of new opportunity.

Landing in New York’s East Village, sonic has quickly begun networking into the complex system of bars, venues, and clubs.

Be Still Master Thor // sonicssonic - Original
  1. Be Still Master Thor // sonicssonic - Original
  2. Kickin’ All Night Long // sonicssonic -