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29 July 2015

A Midwest Guide to Surviving Your First Year in New York

Rule #1, don’t move here!  Unless you are ready for a total transformation of your life, finances, body, and maybe ready to sell a little of your soul away. Ready to move here yet? In a month and a few days I will have lived in New York City for an entire year.  Or should I say, I survived a year in New York.  I’m not planning on leaving either. What a year it has been.  Filled with personal turmoil, finical stress, wonderful new friends, and great new experiences.  The good the bad and the ugly. What comes next?  September 1st my lease is up in East Village.  Sadly, I must move to another apartment in the city.  I’m not sure where that’s going to be yet, but I’m hopeful I can stay in the East Village area.  I love it here. What do I do?  I am a freelance producer, piano teacher, and newly licensed real estate sales person. How do I survive?  I’m positive, great at networking, and I work every day towards my goal of living comfortably in this great city. I’m only half serious when I say don’t move here.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. Let’s all remember though, it’s not for everyone.  If you think you can hack it living in NYC, send me an email.  I’ll convince you otherwise.  Or inspire you to prove me wrong. Here are some pictures from my first year in NYC. IMG_2110 The move was hard.  My wife Renee and I own a house in Lincoln Park Mi.  1,200sqft on a double lot, with a 2 car garage.  Try moving that into a 200sqft studio, 4th floor walkup, in East Village.  In the end, we did it. IMG_2230 Renee and I, fall day, 1 WTC behind us.

IMG_211618 Days after moving to NYC I had my first DJ gig.  I’ve played at Keybar every 3rd thursday since.  Great place, excellent owner, fantastic bar staff, perfect music.  Couldn’t have been any luckier to find that gig.


IMG_2156Being successful in NYC demands true networking skills.  Mid october, a friend I met through my days in Otto Vector invited us to a CMJ afterparty.  I met my good friend Ben who has helped get me 2 studio jobs.   I met another midwesterner singer song writer who I still write with, and every job I’ve had in the city so far has somehow stemmed from this event.  Thank you Jason Jordan.

IMG_2139In the Library at Imagem Music Publishing there is an upright steinway built for Rogers and Hammerstein.  I play on it whenever I want to.  It’s a true treat.


I’ve even worked as a TV extra to make more money while being here.


My cat went from a double lot, trees, grass, wildlife, etc, to a 4th floor fire escape.  He seems happy.  His name is Shaun.


Christmas in NYC was awesome.  My good friend Jaime came to visit.


More Xmas in NYC.



It doesn’t get better than looking over at the Statue of Liberty, at Battery Park.



We were invited to an after party for the Tony’s.



DJing at Keybar.



Cold December Night Walking home from Smash Studio.


Random Me on the Highline.



1 WTC up close and personal.



Great friends still happy to see me on my Easter trip home.


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