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11 December 2015

A little OVER a year LATER

“I FUX Wit you, HARD BODY” was said to me last night.  Loosely translated —  it MEANS, I like YOU.

I LEARN all of this RATCHET speech working with THESE crazy YOUNG artists.

Fux wit you

you q – YOU’RE cute

totes – TOTALLY

FUCK BOYS – KIDS that WEAR the latest JORDANS, SKATEBOARD, trendy EVERYTHING, ignorant RAP music, etc.  THERE’LL be a blog POST ABOUT them in the FUTURE.

dead-ass – FOR REAL, I’m SERIOUS.

I stay flexin’ – n – finessin’ – I’m FLASHY and look GOOD.

Just to NAME a few

EVERYONE I meet and WORK with has been ABOVE and BEYOND good to me.  It’s HARD to meet NEW people and I am GRATEFUL for EVERYONE I’ve MET in NYC.

LAST night was the ENGINE room AUDIO CHRISTMAS party, SPONSORED by EFFEN VODKA.  I’m FEELING effen right now, 12:38 the NEXT day=HAZY.

NEVERTHELESS, I remember just LAST year I was WORKING for smash STUDIOs and my manager, at the time, MITCH was GOING to the ERA party with BEN LINDELL.

THIS year, I work closely with Ben and the EAST MIDWEST MUSIC GROUP team.  aNother step FORWARD and AN invite to the PARTY.

MOMENTS like LAST night allow me to REFLECT on the PAST year.  WORKING for SMASH was a GREAT experience for me to BUILD my NETWORK and meet a SEPARATE yet EQUALLY as awesome GROUP of FRIENDS.

ONLY a year LATER though I’m working into SUCH incredible PROJECTS moving my CAREER forward.

MY friend BEN just the OTHER night commented that I HAVE managed to CONDENSE 6 YEARS of work in NYC into 6 MONTHS.

Bottom line, I HUSTLE.

THE Engine ROOM PARTY was ONE of those WHERE I don’t have a SINGLE pic.  THE entire time WAS filled with great PEOPLE, good CONVERSATION, NETWORKING, drinking, and LISTENING to new MUSIC.  WHO has time for SELFIES when YOU’RE having a GREAT time?

The WEATHER in NYC has been an ABSOLUTE blessing, so ENGINE ROOM had the ROOF top OPEN for us to hang out ON.

and I was able to INTERMINGLE my DJ CREW with my PRODUCTION team.  ALWAYS greaT to cross POLLINATE.

MY living SITUATION has ACTUALLy improved.  AFTER i BITCHED out BILL, he really cleaned up his ACT.

THE next day he APOLOGIZED profusely, cut BACK his DRINKING significantly, and NOW he has a NEW JOB!   AND i haven’t seen GEORGIA or JIM either, therefore NO CRACK IN MY APARTMENT!

I got through to HIM, and now HE almost asks for my APPROVAL on things.  AMAZING.

A little OVER a year LATER, I’m still here.

I MISS my MICHIGAN friends, STUDENTS, and family.

YET, a little OVER a year LATER, I’m still here.





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